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Airx is a cloud-based management software designed with and built for independent pharmacists that is easy to learn and use with features and service to transform pharmacies into modern care providers.

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Cloud-Based Software

We are a cloud-based modern software architecture Pharmacy Management System. We don’t require on-premise servers, we can run on virtually any internet-connected device, and our software is lightning-fast.

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Integrated POS with Electronic Payments

Our integrated point of sale system allows you to safely store and process credit card or ACH payment methods with the click of a button along with a standard terminal for traditional swipe payments.

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Support When You Need It

With Airx health, you’ll be able to learn and train you staff well before you activate your subscription. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have dedicated support channels directly in your interface and a responsive team on the other end.

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Friction-free Software

Our software is very easy to use. We’ve simplified a lot of pharmacy workflow, made it easier to find information, and we automate collection of data wherever possible.

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Dixie Leikach
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Customer Stories

Dixie Leikach counseled several pharmacies running credit card payments for their customers manually, on their pin pad, taking several days for prescription deliveries every month

We built an electronic payments feature to allow our customers to safely store payment methods and run payment(s) with the click of a button, at low cost, and within compliance. Our electronic payments will save you time and money.

Kevin Reddish
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Customer Stories

Kevin Reddish cares about patient safety and adherence. Because of payer contracts, certain NDC codes have lower costs for patients, higher reimbursements, or better safety outcomes.

He was creating spreadsheets every month and pulling mutlitple reports to analyze hundreds of prescriptions to find opportunities, if he could find the hours required. We built an opportunities feature to cut that workflow down to minutes and automatically trigger a clinical workflow with the correct staff member to change a patient’s prescription.

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Customer Stories

Like most pharmacists we listen to, Maunik has to work hard to get an understanding of his financial performance and which claims make sense. Currently, he’s doing that in three different places.

Complexity is inherent with high volume, multi-location, operation so it’s important for him to constantly keep an eye on financial performance. However, that task is time consuming because it’s managed via several systems and a well organized spreadsheet. We organize payment and reimbursement data on a claim level by integrating with your business bank account so you only need to look in one place to see how your business is doing, down to the prescription.

Roger Paganelli
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Customer Stories

Roger Paganelli is a pillar of the independent pharmacist community in New York. At Mt Carmel pharmacy in the Bronx, he and his team have been pushing into new service categories that can be billed directly to insurance.

The process has been long and arduous, but it doesn’t have to be. With medical billing access that’s cost-efficient and integrated claims notation built into your standard workflows, it’s never been easier to get into clinical services.

The team betting on independent pharmacists

Our mission is to improve community health by providing next generation software for independent pharmacies to focus on their patients. We set out on this mission to achieve our vision of realizing independent pharmacy’s full potential as the central care practitioner with modern tools for diagnosis, prescription, treatment, and financial management.

Bill Kelly headshot
Bill Kelly
CEO, Founder

While Bill has spent his career in growth product teams at Google, Pinterest, and Disney, he’s always had an eye on Healthcare Technology. Most recently, he worked as a Product Manager at Butterfly Network on revenue growth and new products where he learned about the major challenges for US patient populations and how pharmacists are integral pieces of the care cycle. Once he saw the challenges pharmacists face and the current state of pharmacy management software, he knew there needed to be a change.

Andrew MacDonald headshot
Andrew MacDonald
CTO, Founder

Andrew has worked in several large financial and artificial intelligence technology companies, most recently working on cutting edge cryptographic software at Gemini. Andrew holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Berkeley and a Masters of Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and is a former US Marine. Given his background it’s no surprise that he loves both challenging work and service. His drive to solve complex problems and create practical solutions is why he’s perfect for his current role as our CTO.

One Annual Subscription Fee

We offer multiple integrations and features free or at the lowest cost possible:

Electronic prescription
Patient eligibility requests
Claims processing
Integrated Credit Card & ACH payment storage & processing
Cost Efficient, integrated Medical Billing
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